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"We've set the standard for quality and value

with a commitment to you, our products and the

environment." – Jean Francois Lafitte 

Lafitte maintains a family-owned business with production and distribution facilities for wine corks and capsules in Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States. With over 100 years of industrial experience, Lafitte's eager attention to new and evolving industry standards ensures our continual improvement in producing the highest quality cork products suitable for all wines.

Our Standards...

Lafitte Cork and Capsule is a
founding member of the CQC
(Cork Quality Council), which sets
stringent standards on corks to be
sold in the U.S. market.
Since 1995, Lafitte California has operated a state of the art QC laboratory with an ozone-infused moisturizing room to aid in ensuring cork sterility, the first of its kind in the U.S. 

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Quality Assurance


Cork products are not only entirely sustainable, the process of harvesting trees also has a significant benefit for the atmosphere. Harvested cork trees play an important role in CO2 absorption, and therefore controlling greenhouse gases, storing between 3 and 5 times more CO2 than trees not harvested, which is used to aid regeneration.

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Our Responsibility

Geared specifically toward luxury spirits, high-end oil and vinegar, Artis by Lafitte Group is setting new standards for premium, high performance bar top closures!

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Latest News...

Our Staff...


Rob Stasko

Vice President of Sales

Napa Valley, Sierra Foothills and Central Valley


Michael Stump

Regional Sales Account Manager

Southwestern United States, Central CA, Southern CA, Texas and Mexico


Nate Page

Regional Sales Account Manager

Midwest and Eastern United States

Pete McAfee

Regional Sales Account Manager

Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Canada

Maxwell Hautala

Regional Sales Account Manager

Eastern United States 

David Liniak

Regional Sales Account Manager

Northern California

Eleonore Lafitte

Regional Sales Account Manager

North Eastern US and Canada


Denise Rico

Sales Administrator


Patricia Lockridge

Customer Service



Matt Lampi

Production Manager


Quality Control

Nicholas Lo

Quality Assurance Manager


Maribel Eusebio

Quality Assurance Coordinator



Mark Hautala

CEO and General Manager

Cristin Sakamoto


Kate Reheis

Accounting Specialist

Claire Renneville

Business Manager - Capsule Division


Meet Lafitte – North America
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