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Through recent innovations and investments, the Lafitte Group is setting new standards for premium, high performing bar top closures!


Geared specifically toward luxury spirits brands, high end oil and vinegar, Lafitte employs the technical expertise and ingenuity accumulated over 100 years in business to guarantee the
perfect closure for your brand!

Our stock bar tops are available in two sizes with plastic or wooden top and your choice of micro or natural cork shanks.* These closures are designed to fit a variety of commonly sourced bottles in the
United States but please remember, when it comes to bar tops there is no such thing as “one size fits all!”


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*Synthetic shanks are available upon request and each inquiry is handled as a custom order.

Stock Bar Tops

These stoppers are made from natural cork that has pores filled with natural cork by-products and binders in order to create a smooth, visually aesthetic looking stopper.


  • Economical option

  • High grade visual look

  • Ideal for faster turnover wines

  • Branding options available


Standard Dimensions:

Diameter: 24mm

Length: 45mm

Colmated Cork

A natural cork stopper with a plastic disc top designed for easy removal and re-use. The bar top is generally used for bottling fine spirits and is available in both natural and colmated cork options.


  • Natural or Colmated Cork shank

  • Top disc embossing

  • Gilded

  • Custom dimensions

  • Ideal for ancillary non-wine products

  • Ideal for uses where multiple reinsertions are necessary


Stock Standard Dimensions:

Black Plastic Disc Diameter: 29mm 

Height: 9mm

Natural Cork Diameter: 20mm
Length: 27mm

Bar Tops

This stopper is made with natural cork discs at each end of an agglomerated cork constructed of natural cork granules.


  • Natural appearance

  • Economical alternative to natural cork

  • Ideal solution for faster turnover products

  • Excellent sealing characteristics

  • Easy extraction

  • Branding options available


Standard Dimensions:

Diameter: 23.5mm

Length: 45mm

Agglo 1+1 Cork

A perfectly balanced system from Lafitte offering two high performance products, the CLASS and the IN-NOVA. Both products benefit from the revolutionary MAXCLEAN System®.


  • Precision – Individual molding offers noteworthy physical and mechanical properties.

  • Security – Introducing the MAXCLEAN System; a cutting edge sterilization and deodorization technology to eliminate TCA.

  • Traceability – Manufactured using granulate sourced from the production of our natural cork closures.

  • Economical – A natural cork product engineered to lower your bottom line!


Standard Dimensions:

Diameter: 24mm

Length: 44mm

Bezel: IN-NOVA 1mm / CLASS 3mm

Micro Agglomerate Cork

Wine’s discreet guardian


Like wine making, cork production is a meticulous art form. Many vital measures are involved in the transformation of cork oak bark into high quality wine cork stoppers. Lafitte is continually striving to improve the quality of our wine cork production using the latest available research.

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