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introducing dipping wax from Lafitte

Lafitte Cork & Capsule just announced this month the immediate availability of a new line of dipping wax. The product is available in firm and soft textures and a wide range of standard and premium stock colors. Lafitte can also create custom colors across the entire spectrum.


“This is a natural evolution for a company as diverse as Lafitte Group,” said Claire Renneville, Manager of the Capsule Division at Lafitte Cork & Capsule. “For generations we have specialized in high quality closures and capsules but today we check another box for our customers in North America by adding a complete range of colors in soft and firm dipping wax.”

Positive Customer Impact
Hundreds of customers are already using this product around Europe and the feedback
has been nothing short of amazing.
“As a French owned American based company, we are thrilled to launch
 this product in
the month of July to celebrate American Independence and Bastille days.” said Rob Stasko, Vice President of Sales for Lafitte Cork & Capsule. 

Dipping wax by Lafitte Cork & Capsule is available in soft and firm textures with the following color options: 

Standard Colors: black, white, red, burgundy, blue, green, yellow, mustard, cream, and

  • 1-10 lbs               $14.01 / lb

  • 11-20 lbs             $12.46 / lb

  • 21-50 lbs             $11.21 / lb

  • 51-100 lbs           $10.19 / lb 

  • 101-200 lbs        $9.34 / lb

  • >200 lbs             $8.85 / lb

Custom Colors: gold metallic, silver metallic, copper metallic and bronze metallic

  • 1-10 lbs               $15.60 / lb

  • 11-20 lbs             $14.68 / lb

  • 21-50 lbs             $13.86 / lb

  • 51-100 lbs           $13.13 / lb 

  • 101-200 lbs        $12.48 / lb

  • >200 lbs             $11.88 / lb

Celebrate American Independence & Bastille Days with this special offer on dipping wax! 





All wax orders placed
in the months of
July & August 2023

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