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a new generation of 
ultra premium
natural cork

Adhering to our industry-leading quality standards, Fleurs de Lafitte represents the highest level of quality and consistency available in a hand-selected natural cork closure. These ultra premium natural corks undergo unparalleled laboratory testing and visual inspection. As a result, Fleurs de Lafitte offers the perfect solution for library and reserve wines that require long-term cellaring. 


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FLEURS de LAFITTE • Ultra Premium Cork 



  • length (mm): 45, 49, 54 ± 1.0 

  • diameter (mm): 24 ± 0.5

  • ovalization (mm): <1.0 

  • density (kg/m3): 180 ± 15

  • dimensional recovery: > 96%

  • extraction force: 15–40 daN

  • capillarity: <1 mm

  • sealing behavior: 1.5 bar 


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The ELECTVS Process

ELECTVS is a major step in the evolution of natural cork closures. Latin for “those selected” this proprietary system from The Lafitte Group will analyze individual corks and “select” from each lot those with non-detectable levels of TCA. This new technology is backed by our 100% bottle buy back guarantee. 


The Fleurs de Lafitte product paired with the ELECTVS System achieves the delicate balance between natural and scientific selection. 

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